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Spitzer children's hiking trails

Under the title “Willy wants to hike”, parents and their children can take the “Waldgeistweg”, the “Weingeistweg” and -  newly signposted -  also explore a “water spirit path”. Numerous objects were set up by Spitzer artists and can be found along the way. There are small stamp houses at the stations that wait for hikers so that they can complete the stamp pass. At the end of the hike, the children receive a non-alcoholic drink in a Spitzer restaurant or wine tavern after presenting their hiking pass filled out with all station stamps. Children who have completed the Water Spirit Trail visit the Maritime Museum for free!

(For details, please see the stamp pass, which is available in advance at the Spitz tourist information office. Depending on availability, stamp passes will also be available soon after the hiking trails start at Druschplatz)

ATTENTION: The paths are NOT suitable for strollers!!!

Spitzer children's hiking trail_(c)Martina Siebenhandl_05_compressed.jpg
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