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The Vinea Wachau archive

The Vinea Wachau archive is uncompromising and unique.

Vinea archivist Karl Zanzinger leads through the wine archive 

the Vinea Wachau and tells about the history and 

Special features of the Wachau wine-growing region. 

The Vinea archive, which is otherwise not open to the public, will be opened for this tour. Afterwards, wines from the Vinea styles Steinfeder, Federspiel and Smaragd are tasted.


The Vinea Wachau

Get to know more than 200 companies that characterize the Wachau.
With wines that are second to none. And the absolute commitment to quality, origin & Handcrafted.​

World cultural heritage and feel-good landscape – that is the Wachau, the narrow Danube valley between Melk and Krems. Distinctive wines grow, some of them on steep terraces, which can be declared as Wachau DAC from the 2020 vintage. The best locations produce some of the world's greatest white wines with decades of development potential, especially Grüner Veltliner and Riesling.

The styles


Steinfeder® is characterized by fruity charm and lightness. The name itself comes from the typical "stone feather grass" (Stipa pennata), which grows in the immediate vicinity of the vines on the terraces of the Wachau vineyards and is just as light as a feather and fragrant in its structure as the wine of the same name.



Smaragd® is the name for the best and most valuable wines from the Vinea Wachau winemakers. Maximum grape ripeness and natural concentration enable world-class wines. The eponymous emerald lizards feel particularly at home in the Wachau vineyard terraces. On nice days they sun themselves next to the vines and thus became a symbol of Wachau wines with perfect physiological ripeness.


Association of Wachau winegrowers

200 wineries

Brands & Styles:

Stone feather, feather game and emerald

Main grape varieties:

Grüner Veltiner, Riesling

legally demarcated area

over 100 vineyards on 1,323 hectares

Info & Registration


On Weir 21

3620 Spitz on the Danube



Guided tour of the maritime museum, insight into the archive and tasting of three wines


per person including VAT

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