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Original Wachau apricot

The name “Wachauer Apricot PDO” may only be used to describe apricots that come from the municipalities of Aggsbach-Markt, Albrechtsberg, Bergern im Dunkelsteinerwald, Droß, Dürnstein, Furth, Gedersdorf, Krems, Maria Laach, Mautern, Mühldorf, Paudorf, Rohrendorf bei Krems , Rossatz-Arnsdorf, Senftenberg, Spitz, Stratzing, Weinziel am Wald, Weißenkirchen, Schönbühel-Aggsbach and Emmersdorf.


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Over 220 Wachau apricot farmers in the “Wachauer Apricot PDO” association vouch for the origin and the unique aroma and taste quality of the Wachau Apricot PDO. The Wachau apricot zistel is the traditional picking basket for the apricot. The narrow and tapered shape of the thistle makes it easier to harvest apricots in tall trees and reduces the pressure on the apricots lying below in the picking basket.

There are big differences between day and night temperatures - especially towards fruit ripening. The unique, incomparable and widely known aroma and taste of the Wachau apricot PDO. arises from the coincidence of several climates (Pannonian - Waldviertler influence - as well as the immediate proximity to the Danube). 
For this reason, the European Union has placed the Wachau apricot under the protection of a “Protected Designation of Origin”.


Thistle as a brand symbol

220 apricot farmers

protected Designations of origin 

Variety: Klosterneuburger

Area: Wachau

100,000 apricot trees

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